Guarantee Payment on Successful Delivery with a Payco Escrow Payment

Payments handled through Payco’s escrow system are perfect for creating trust in payment-on-delivery transactions between unfamiliar parties.

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Create Trust By Handling Transactions Through a Regulated Swiss Financial Intermediary

Peace of mind for your transactions with Payco. With minimum hassle and fast payment delivery.

With Payco’s escrow service, a buyer deposits funds into an escrow account, where they’re safely held for the seller. When the seller successfully delivers the product to the buyer, the funds are released to them. This simple system creates trust between the buyer and the seller escrow transactions are perfect for payment-on-delivery transactions between parties that aren’t familiar with each other. Payment-on-delivery transactions are non-instant transactions in which the payment is made when the goods are satisfactorily delivered to the buyer

Escrow payments can be useful in other situations as well.

Escrow payments have been used successfully for a long time. At Payco, however, we’re revolutionizing business finance with technology, and that includes escrow payments. Our escrow system is built on blockchain technology, AI and stable cryptocurrencies, making it the fastest, easiest and safest escrow system available.

Payco's Innovative Escrow Service

We’re a Fully Regulated Swiss Financial Intermediary

Payco is a registered financial intermediary in Switzerland. We operate under the supervision of the same regulators that regulate Swiss banks.  

We are a fully regulated Swiss financial intermediary (VQF SRO member), and we comply with all the Swiss regulations regarding the financial intermediary license limits.

We hold an escrow license in California for performing escrow payments in the US.

Secured funds - Payco escrow funds are held in CCSS Level III, SOC2 Type II, and ISO 27001 certified secure wallets and can only be accessed for payment or refund to the parties involved in the escrow payment.

Minimum hassle

Faster payment processing than with a bank

What Do You Get With Payco?

Peace of mind for your transactions

Extra security

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Here’s How Payco’s

Escrow Service Works…

Buyer sets up an escrow payment and uploads funds

A buyer can set up an escrow payment in a few clicks using our simple online system. After the details of the transaction are recorded, the funds are deposited into a secure escrow wallet in preparation for the transaction.

Payco sends escrow payment information to seller

After a buyer has set up an escrow payment and uploaded the funds, we send the payment information directly to the seller. The seller will receive clear information on the escrow payment terms and a clear guarantee that they will receive full payment upon successful delivery of the goods

Seller delivers goods and presents documents to Payco

After the seller has delivered the goods, they will inform Payco that they have done so, in order to receive payment. This can be done in a few clicks, through our online system

Buyer confirms receipt of goods and payment is transferred to the seller

Once the buyer confirms that they have received the goods, the funds held in escrow are immediately released to the seller. We use stable cryptocurrencies to deliver much faster settlement times than are possible through bank payments.

1 min - Time to receive stable coins

2 - 4 days - Time to receive bank transfer

The Payco system is backward compatible with the SWIFT network

We only charge xxxx% for a Payco escrow transaction

We’re Revolutionizing Financial Transactions With Technology

Blockchain technology

Document handling is more secure and more efficient

Artificial intelligence

Document processing and review takes seconds rather than days

Stable Cryptocurrencies

Transactions are executed quickly and securely

Payco’s escrow service makes difficult transactions easy

Escrow Payments Can Be Used in Lots of Situations

Payco escrow payments can be used for more than just handling payment-on-delivery transactions between unfamiliar parties. Payco’s escrow payment system is highly secure, fast and efficient in its own right, and it can be useful for many different types of transactions.

Lots of businesses could use Payco escrow payments to improve the way they handle their existing transactions.

Technology Makes Things Better

Our escrow system is built on the latest technology, and this allows us to handle transactions more effectively than traditional systems can. By using blockchain technology and AI to manage payment processes, we improve things across the board.

There is less administration required from our customers when they set up an escrow payment. Both the payer and the payee save time, compared to traditional systems. Our system also processes payments far more efficiently, saving time and making things easier throughout the transaction process. Finally, using stable cryptocurrencies allows us to execute final payments immediately.

Payments made with stable cryptocurrencies are particularly beneficial in international transactions, allowing for immediate settlement at reduced cost.

Payco escrow payments also provide a solution where transactions cannot be handled through conventional systems, such as where access to the ACH system is blocked.

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